Modelling and Simulation


Electrical devices modelling and simulation is a service that provide software models of actual power-electronics-based devices and power plant controls by mimicking its behaviour on standard electrical system simulation software, such as PSS/E®, DIgSilent and Matlab/Simulink. Thus, Ingelectus provides a complete overview of the devices (PV, ESS, STATCOM, among others) and power plant controllers (PPC).

Service description

Models match the behaviour of electrical devices or power plant controllers so that you can use these models on standard electrical power systems software such as PSS/E® or DIgSilent. Simulations in these software platforms with the custom models are the best approach to the actual behaviour during electromechanical events. With these simulations you can analyze and prove the compliance of Grid Code Requirements.


Electrical devices

The service offers models for different electrical devices:

  • Photovoltaic Generator
  • Wind Turbine Generator
  • Power Converter
  • Energy management Systems (EMS)
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM)

Control systems

The service offers power plant controllers to provide the TSO desired behaviour.

  • Power plant controller (PPC)

Features and functionalities

Among the different features and functionalities that the models provide are:

Electrical devices

  • Thermal operating limits
  • Capability limits
  • Local frequency control
  • Local voltage control
  • Protections
  • Q-V droop characteristics
  • Battery charging and discharging mode
  • Operation modes against events: Voltage Ride Through (LVRT/OVRT) or Frequency Ride Through (FRT)

Control systems

  • Active Power Control of the plant
  • Reactive Power Control of the plant
  • Power Factor Control of the plant
  • Active Power TSO limits (Curtailment)
  • Active Power Rate Limiter


  • PSS/E – Siemens
  • Digsilent – PowerFactory
  • ATP