Research and Development

Smart Grids


Imagine a smart system capable of precisely ascertaining the real status of the distribution grid at any given time, in order to prevent and resolve problems. This is the aim of the MONICA Project (Advanced Monitoring and Control of MV and LV Distribution Grids): to develop a technology that enables low and medium-voltage lines to be monitored and diagnosed immediately.

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In order to continue developing innovative solutions for smart grids, PASTORA (acronym of Preventive Analysis of Smart Grid with real Time Operation and Renewable Assets Integration), the follow-up project of MONICA, seeks to integrate Artificial Intelligence tools to improve real-time control and preventive maintenance of the grid.

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SmarTap is a technology capable of changing the transformer tap on-load. It works on oil & dry types MV/LV distribution transformers based on power electronics: no mobile (mechanical) power components, almost null maintenance and independent control per phase.

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Smart Business Park

Study of a centralized monitoring tool for business parks. This service is being used on project SBP (smart business park) in collaboration with: Endesa IngenierĂ­a, GPtech, Wellness Telecom, Melfosur.

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Renewable Energy


CECOVEL is a project in collaboration with REE and the University of Seville for national electric vehicle consumption forecasting.

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Energy Storage Systems


The project consists of the field installation of an energy storage system, specifically a lithium-ion prismatic battery with a power in the range of 1 MW and a capacity of at least 3 MWh, with the aim to evaluate the technical capacities and characteristics this type of facilities currently offersas a tool to improve the efficiency of the operation of electricity systems. Ingelectus collaborates with Endesa and the University of Seville in the control methodology.

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