Renewable Energy

Power Plant Controller

Reliable and flexible solution able to control a series of different elements present in photovoltaic and wind power plants while complying Grid Code requirements.

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Smart Power Plant Controller

Smart PPC is a software, adaptable to customer needs, which control and optimize the power flows on wind farms and photovoltaic plants. Smart PPC generates reactive power and transformer tap setpoints which improves the performance of the plant by executing highly-efficient optimal power flow algorithms. Also, it provides an easy web interface to monitor the plant, so that the customer can check the behaviour of the plant controlled by Smart PPC.

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Electric Market


GEMS system reproduces the operation of the new EUPHEMIA matching algorithm and the coupling of the daily electricity markets at the European level. This allows the user to optimize their participation strategies in the daily market and in trading activities at the European level.

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A controlled switching device (CSD) for high voltage and medium voltage circuit breakers, SynchroTeq is the one and only “Manufacturer Agnostic” solution, applicable to either brand new or existing equipment. SynchroTeq Plus is designed and manufactured in compliance with top industry quality and performance standards.

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Designed to provide distribution and substation automation experts with a flexible and affordable all-in-one solution, RightWON system brings keys functions into one single platform. RightWON technology fills the gaps between automation, telecommunication, and operation requirements as a local or remotely controlled device.

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