About Ingelectus

Our Mission

Our goal is to give innovative electrical solutions for the 21st century.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where the renewable energy, and cutting-edge knowledge and technology sustain a continously growing society.

Live Our Values

The university is our origin and, as such, the source of our values and how we behave in the world.

  • Knowledge: Always learning and improving
  • Passion: Committed in heart and mind
  • Innovation: Prepared for big challenges

In a nutshell

Ingelectus was established in March 2012 with the main purpose of developing innovative technological solutions to face the challenges that rise in the electrical power field. Our goal is to give solutions for the electrical grid of the 21st century.

The promoters of this startup company belong to the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Seville and are one of the most relevant research teams in Spain with a relevant international projection.

Our technical staff offers cutting-edge knowledge in electrical power systems, and also provides a great flexibility in order to fit the customer’s goals.

Our Guarantee

Since the mid-1980s, the Ingelectus promoter team has developed an intense and continuous research activity in areas related to the electric energy sector and associated technologies, in close collaboration with local, national and European institutions as well as public and private companies.

The main asset of Ingelectus is its human capital, strongly cohesive and with a high technical qualification. Almost all of its partners are Industrial Engineers with a PhD title. In addition it counts on partners who accredit a long experience of management in companies of the sector.

The Ingelectus promoter group is currently one of the most relevant at the national level and of greater international projection, not only for the volume of publications in the magazines with the greatest impact in the area, but also for its technology transfer activities. The group is developing R&D projects in collaboration with public institutions (Junta de Andalucía, Government of Spain or European Union) and with the most important companies in the electricity sector (REE, Endesa, Gas Natural Fenosa or Siemens). In addition, it collaborates with other national and foreign groups, being a founding member of the international network EES-UETP (Electric Energy System-University Enterprise Training Partnership) and several technological platforms.

Between you and me

The electricity sector is currently in a convulsive period of great dynamism. The emergence of renewable energies, the imminent arrival of the electric vehicle, the spectacular technological advance in the area of ​​telecommunications and control, together with the continuous reduction of associated costs, the liberalization of the electricity market and the basic character as a consumer good that owns the electrical energy among others, have made this sector have to face great challenges in the short and medium term.

The electricity distribution network is one of the entities most affected by this energy revolution. The presence of the dispersed generation (mini-wind, photovoltaic, bidirectional electric vehicle, energy storage elements, etc.) has definitively broken the passive form of exploitation and planning of the distribution networks, demanding actions that assure the electrical supply efficiently, Safe and economical. Although the technology oriented to the control of the electric systems is quite mature and with admissible costs, the distributing companies are reticent to its implantation while the associated investment does not demonstrate its profitability.

In high voltage, it is common to find very telemetric and remote control networks and a fairly advanced Scada system, but generally lacking a management system equipped with the appropriate control and optimization applications. In many cases, the operator remains at the operator’s discretion, based on his experience and knowledge of the network, and therefore far from the optimum energy.

This situation also occurs in distribution networks of different nature, such as those associated with wind farms. It is common for wind farms to have a high degree of automation in their management and individual control of each wind turbine and the point of connection, but not in their overall optimization. Again, the lack of global vision of the system and its optimization due to the complex nature of the problem to be solved, this time encompassing multiple elements of control and involving the operation in real time, with the added difficulties that this entails.

The solution to this problem happens through Ingelectus, who has the knowledge of the complex behavior of the electrical system, the nature of the mathematical equations that governs it and the new participating entities. In addition, the model of analysis and optimal control of the system requires very specific and specialized knowledge of electrical engineering, mathematics and computer science, aspects that Ingelectus makes available to its customers, to cover the gap between the needs of distribution and transportation companies And control technologies available. Ingelectus tries to make profitable for the client the investment in new applications or products demonstrating its profitability by the energetic saving that implies and by the best and optimal use of its available assets, in the level of planning and operation.

Ingelectus develops its activity of technological transfer to the national productive fabric in the following main areas:

  • Planning, Operation and Control of Electrical Networks.
  • Integration of Renewable Energies in the Electrical Network.
  • Optimization and Prediction for Systems and Electric Markets.
  • Rational Use of Electric Power.
  • Application of FACTS to Improve Operation of Power Grids.